Child & Family Therapy

Dr. Schwarz is a clinical member of American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

We use an integrative solution oriented model that focuses on practical and down to earth interventions. We help to create a supportive environment to develop respectful boundaries between family members, while promoting intimacy, closeness and healthy adjustment.

Child & Family Therapy

Children overcome hurdles or develop problems within the context of their family. These problems can include:

  • school problems
  • divorce
  • medical conditions
  • ADD
  • Behavioral Problems

Family therapy & family-oriented child therapy focuses on maximizing the resources of the family to solve their problems effectively. Family members can meet together or individually.

Part of the assessment process includes assessing a child's temperament. Temperament counseling stresses the importance of understanding a child's individual differences as normal so that children to not become labeled as pathological. Parent's will receive a computerized assessment to help them understand.

Most Goals can generally be met within six to ten sessions.

When your children are teenagers or younger, we also strongly recommend our new one-day Positive Parenting Workshop

Adult Family Therapy

If you are an adult and are having trouble or issues with other family members including:

  • siblings
  • adult children
  • parents
  • family business partners

Family therapy or brief family consultations may be the perfect vehicle for you. Feel free to call to set up an appointment to discuss how to use this powerful vehicle for effective change.


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